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Open Source

JArgs http://jargs.sourceforge.net
"...convenient, compact, pre-packaged and comprehensively documented suite of command line option parsers for the use of Java programmers."
I agree.
ANTLR http://www.antlr.org
ANother Tool for Language Recognition. A remarkable parser / lexer generator. Used in cpdetector for parsing for html meta charset attributes.
jchardet http://www.i18nfaq.com/chardet.html
Java port of the source from mozilla's automatic charset detection algorithm. The configurable fall-back solution for code page detection within cpdetector.

Page design.

Dionidium http://diondium.com
Psst! The design of this page was heavily inspired by dionidium.com. One could say, it was copied and modified a little bit. When it comes to art I just know, what my eyes like and what not. But I lack the ability to invent nice designs. Big credit.


SourceForge.net Logo http://www.sourceforge.net
Great full-service for open source development.

Decent hit counter

Free Website Statistics http://www.statcounter.com
Very nice and decent service indeed.

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