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cpdetector has been a side product needed for performance measurements of a completely new unconventional unicode normalization algorithm. Actually I was searching for an application that could do the things cpdetector does for free on the internet. I did only find a java port of mozilla's chardet algorithm and found differences between the judgement of it and defined charset attributes (although the guess was quite close and the documents decoded with that code page looked quite reasonable).

It has to be pointed out, that cpdetector is free for everyone. Nevertheless some effort and hours were spent to make it clean and stable. If you are incredible rich or think that the effort on cpdetector should be rewarded (or both) you are encouraged to donate money.

Why donate?

  1. Reward the programmers of cpdetector. They will be encouraged to continue development by adding requested features and improving stability.
  2. Reward Sourceforge and the Open Source Initiative with each 5% of your donations. Especially sourceforge earns some money for providing many open source projects with a complete project - management solution including downloads, concurrent versioning systems, free web-hosting, ... .

How to donate?

Just click the following link and follow the instructions. You might have to sign up to paypal, an international payment system based on your email address. But it does not take much time and does not introduce security issues.

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