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Freshmeat project page New releases of cpdetector will be announced there. You can subscribe to the project and will be informed about changes. This service is completely transparent: The project admin of the freshmeat project (me) will not be able to see information about you.
Sourceforge project page Where cpdetector is hosted. Downloads, release notes, mailing-lists, feature requests and statistics (if they finally fix them) are available there.


Mozilla charset detection A composite approach to language/encoding detection by Shanjian Li and Katsuhiko Momoi (2001). Li and Momoi's approach has become Mozilla's Universal Charset Detector.
Comparison of available detectors Blog article of Fred Eaker about language detection. Fred did quite some research an testing on codepage detection. In his applied comparison of available detectors cpdetector does not look too bad!
Utrac An Universal Text Recognizer and Converter in C++. It is very well documented and evolves faster than cpdetector. If I find the time to redo the guessing - part of cpdetector from scratch (ISO charsets are missing) I'll defenitely will have a closer look there ;)

Other open source projects of cpdetector's author

jbuzzer An open source end user desktop fun application for realtime playback of audio samples.
jchart2d A swing widget for precise runtime - display of two-dimensional charts.

cpdetector in action

Freedb.org A blog entry on how cpdetector helped to correct mangeled freedb entries.

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