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If you want to be informed by mail about new releases or changes of cpdetector, you may subscribe the corresponding project as freshmeat: http://freshmeat.net/projects/cpdetector/. Scroll down. Above the branches you will find the subscription button. I will not be able to see any information about you.

If you want to get more information feel free to sign up to one of the mailing lists at the following page:
Sign up to cpdetector mailing lists.

I might be able to see your e-mail address through an administrative interface if was curious about it.


No information about visitors and subscribes will be given to 3rd party members or used for other purposes than provide the requested service (inform about cpdetector). This includes subscription e-mail addresses, forum postings at the sourceforge project page, direct E-Mails to cpdetector's author (me) and statistic data that is logged for this page.

If you for example are from a big company with a good name and I could see that you regularly visit this page I would not set up a reference page telling your name or pass information to 3rd party members about the assumption that you currently are working on code page detection.

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